About the writer

I’m a freelance travel journalist and copywriter. I’ve been working and writing professionally since 1999. Even before that, I arranged my own work experience aged 16 at local newspapers Epping Gazette and Ilford Recorder, read the news on a community radio station called Link FM and revived the school magazine, renaming it The Possessed Pineapple and braving all sorts of features deemed unsuitable for a girls’ grammar school…

My hometown is London which I love – except in winter. I don’t ‘do’ cold unless snow or polar bears are guaranteed so I leave the smoke for about 4 months in search of a warmer desk. This has included India, Argentina, Laos, Uruguay, Cambodia, Chile, Uruguay, Vietnam, South Africa, and even the South Pacific.

My published work has appeared in National Geographic Traveller, Journeys magazine, Rough Guides, Travel Weekly, World Travel Guide, Sunday Times Travel Magazine, MSN Travel, The Guardian, The Independent and ABTA. I’ve also worked in-house for Channel 4 News (sitting next to Jon Snow), Virgin Media and Orange.

I’m also a copywriter and have worked for companies such as Rail Europe, Hotels.com, Expedia and tourist boards. I also work with other writers on larger projects – we’re called Press Tarts and past work include France Tourism supplements for The Independent, Citalia brochure writing, blogs for Europcar and writing new stories for World Travel Market.

If you want to get in touch, please email me